iMovie App Download - Free Video Editor and Photo Video Maker

If you have a professional grade video on your mind, iMovie is just the right app for you that lets you do video editing, movie editing and slideshow making with the patented technologies for processing and editing videos that not only increase the speed but also reduce the requirement of a large space for storage. This Android app is the simplest tool for giving the most professional edit to your photos and videos and yet cost absolutely nothing.

NOTE: Are you a windows user then don't worry here Official iMovie Download for Windows PC are their. It is as easy to use as an also windows itself. The iMovie download is a must if you have a passion for editing pictures and videos.

Features of iMovie apk

  • A comprehensive app

It is one of the most comprehensive video editing apps in the market and the best video editor. If you have the iMovie app download, you will not need a second tool to edit your photos or videos.

  • Free and user-friendly

The app is free to download and very user-friendly as well.

  • Different camera lenses

You can experiment with the different camera lenses and thus, also with the different ways to capture. There are nine different camera lenses that the user can choose to experiment with. There is a camera that is exclusively for selfies and lets the users capture some of the most natural looking selfies. The other options to capture include the basic, collage and funny.

  • Several editing options

The app has to offer more than 200 special effects to the users. They can add exciting titles, text, and fonts to the videos. There are a variety of themes and funny stickers that make editing much more fun.

New features in the app

  • Collage maker

The app has an excellent collage maker. There are several collages making templates that the user can use to combine several photos of a particular event or a day and create a story out of it.

  • Share and store videos

The edited videos can be exported and stored on the phone. They can also be shared on the social media directly from the app itself. It supports GIPHY and GIFS as well.

The feature complements any android mobile well and is packed with interesting features, unlike other applications that are available in the store. The remarkable capacity makes for an easy storage of video recordings and assists in making edits right away. The users can also enjoy a variety of modes and features like trick highlighting that make the pictures or videos perfect to be shared on social platforms.

The Viva Video app is easy to use and does not require an online tutorial like the other complicated apps that are meant for editing. It allows its users to edit the video and also add effects to it at the same time. The process is as simple as dragging the video from the storage of the phone and initiate the process of editing on it.