How Much Water is Needed for Weight Loss?

Around 60% and more parts of our body consist of water and the rest is bone weight and skin weight. A lot of people want to shred some kilos from their body weight and by drinking water they can lose their weight with ease.

If a person does proper exercises, follows a good sleeping schedule of 6-8 hours and drinks sufficient water, he or she can lose some weight. By drinking the required amount of water by the body, one can boost up the rate of their metabolism.

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Yes, drinking water helps in weight loss, if the right quantity of water is consumed by a human being. Let us know how much water one should drink in a day and should people take water before eating in brief.

How much water should one drink daily?

The body requires water and food for functioning, if you keep on working and forget to drink water, then one can suffer from dehydration. Water requirements differ from person to person and gender to gender etc. Let us see how much water one should drink in a day very quickly.

  • 2 litres of water is necessary for a human being of every age-group.
  • According to experts, a person should drink 4 litres of water every day.

Should I drink water before & during the meal?

Drinking 2 glasses of water is considered good for weight loss. But one should not drink water during the time of meal as it may fill up your belly with water instead of food. One should try to avoid drinking water until and unless the food is spicy etc. Drink water before 30 minutes of your mealtime and you will lose weight. If you consume water in excess then one may feel nauseous and may want to puke at the same time. As excess water drinking can cause an imbalance in salt content inside a body.

A guide for drinking water daily:

One should consume a specific amount of water daily and excess consumption can create an issue for your body. Let us see the guide which tells how much water one should drink in a day very quickly.

  • One should drink 2 to 4 glasses of water while they get up in the morning.
  • If you spend most of your time in an area where AC is always working, then drink 2.5 litres of water in a day not more than that.
  • Consume 500 ml of water before a workout, 250 ml during the workout and around 473 ml water after the workout.
  • In summers keep your body hydrated by drinking water in intervals.

How to calculate the amount of water to drink in a day according to your body weight?

Each body requires a specific amount of water to drink daily. Let us see how one can calculate the amount of water to drink in a day according to their body weight very quickly. Know your exact weight and convert Kgs into pounds i.e 1 kg= 2.20 pounds. Convert your body weight into pounds and multiply it by ⅔ and drink that amount of water daily i.e. an ounce.


EachOne can increase their water intake by consuming vegetables and fruits which are rich in water. Drink at least 3-4 litres of water daily and keep your body hydrated. Consume broccoli, watermelon, carrots and plums etc. as these foods have a high water content in them. Drink water daily and improve the working of your body and get a good and healthy skin at the same time.